Habib Team



Abe Habib

Abdul Aziz Habib (Abe) immigrated to Canada over 40 years ago. He travelled to a new country with a few hundred dollars, a strong work ethic and determination to succeed in life. It was a difficult start but eventually he was able to secure a job with Chrysler Canada where he stayed and worked for over 34 years until retirement. Abe also worked for many years with Royal Cabinet Makers where he was a part owner. Abe is happily married for over 40 years and has six children.   

In 2000, Abe founded Habib Homes and began transforming vacant lots into quality custom homes creating employment and growth in local communities. Still very much involved in the company's day to day activities, he is known for his great work ethic and the honest way he does business.


Haider Habib

Haider a civil engineer from St. Clair College began working alongside his father at a very early age learning the business from the ground up. He has been actively involved in the company since its incorporation and has played a big role in transforming the company into what it is today. 


Steve Habib

Steve has been with the company since the begining and has played a big role in expanding the company's reach into the London market. He currently resides in London and oversees the construction of all homes built in all local communites.


Mike Habib

Mike co-ordinates & manages all property activities and services for the Windsor Division of Habib Homes. He makes his presence known on every project he supervises and always gets the job done right and on time.


Dana Bajic

Dana looks after the company behind the scenes. As the Full Cycle Bookeeper, she ensures all financial transactions are smooth, tidy and accurate. Dana graduated from St. Clair College in Business Administration - Accounting and has been with Habib Homes since 2016.


Christina Qiang

Christina joined the team early 2016 and manages the Sales and Selections Center. From pre-sale inquiries to post-sale selections and support, she is always happy to assist with a smile. Fluent in Mandarin and English and with a Bachelors from the University of Windsor, Christina provides broad support transforming every customer transaction into an interaction.


Sleiman Iskander

Sleiman (Sam) handles site supervision and logistics on projects located throughout Windsor, Essex. Sam has many years of construction experience, which allows him to solve any and all problems quickly and efficiently as they arise. Sam also oversees a division of the after-sales service department.


Helal Sleiman

Helal handles site supervising duties and works with the after-sales service team. He has a strong work ethic and determination to get the job done right the first time. Having seen all the issues that arise in the after-sales service department, Helal brings insight to the site supervisors in order to correct these issues at the construction stage.